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WHAT SERVICES DOES AZ Senior Helpers provide?

 AZ Senior Helpers offers companion care and personal care services designed to support seniors in their homes. Our caregivers assist with activities such as fall prevention, medication reminders, light housekeeping, grooming or bathing assistance, and running errands.

Why is living assistance the better option?

The ability for individuals to grow old and remain in their own homes or their family's home, as opposed to moving into institutional residential care like a nursing home. In some cases, it may also include the option of receiving additional help to remain in an assisted living facility.

How does the cost of AZ Senior Helpers compare to other care options?

When considering the cost of care, it's important to evaluate the value and benefits provided. While every individual's care needs may vary, AZ Senior Helpers offers cost-effective solutions compared to alternatives such as assisted living or nursing home care. Our personalized in-home care services can be tailored to fit within your budget, providing quality care that promotes independence and enhances overall well-being. We also offer flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to determine the level of care needed and adjust it as required.

How quickly can AZ Senior Helpers provide services?

AZ Senior Helpers strives to be responsive to your needs. In most cases, we can provide services within a short period, often within 48 hours or less. We understand that situations may arise where immediate assistance is required, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that seniors receive the care and support they need in a timely manner. Our goal is to promptly address your care needs and provide a seamless transition to our compassionate caregivers.

Can I adjust the care schedule if needed?

Flexibility is one of the key aspects of our care services at AZ Senior Helpers. We understand that care needs may change over time or unforeseen circumstances may arise. We work closely with you and your family to create a customized care plan that accommodates your schedule and preferences. Should you need to adjust the care schedule, simply inform us in advance, and we will make every effort to accommodate your requests. Our aim is to provide care that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle, offering peace of mind and ensuring your loved one's well-being.


Engage our services by scheduling a free consultation with us, and we will embark on a collaborative journey from there. During the consultation, we will have an open discussion about your specific care needs and preferences. This will enable us to create a tailored care plan that meets your requirements.