• Living Assistance

AZ Senior Helpers

Serving the entire state of Arizona.


Our Care is $35.00 an Hour on Weekdays and $37.00 an Hour on Weekends. We require a minimum 4-Hours each visit. 

For Couples we only charge $5 more an hour! $40.00 an hour on weekdays, and $42.00 an hour on weekends. Minimum 4-hours each visit.

➢ Minimum 4-Hour Visit 
➢ 24/7 Care Available
➢ Overnight Care Available
➢ Weekends and Holidays

Weekdays Weekends 24-Hour Care
Individual Care $35.00 per hour $37.00 per hour $30.00 per hour
Couples Care $40.00 per hour $42.00 per hour $35.00 per hour