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Dementia Care

If you have a parent or loved one in Arizona who is living with dementia, you understand the challenges it presents. Everyday tasks that were once easy may now cause anxiety for your loved one. If you’ve been struggling to provide assistance and are unsure how to help, AZ Senior Helpers is here to offer experienced dementia care for families facing this and other memory-related illnesses.

Our team of memory care specialists provides support with the activities of daily living, improving the quality of life for your loved one in the comfort of their own home. When you need reliable and knowledgeable dementia care, AZ Senior Helpers is the answer.

Personalized Dementia Care Services 

Families in Arizona choose our dementia care services from AZ Senior Helpers for various reasons, with one of the greatest benefits being the ability to customize care based on your unique needs. While seniors living with memory-related illnesses may share similarities, each person’s symptoms and progression are different. One individual may require assistance with walking and fall prevention, while another may need help with dietary-conscious meal preparation. Whatever non-medical dementia care services you require, AZ Senior Helpers is dedicated to providing the personalized care and attention your loved one deserves.

Flexible Scheduling is Offered

As your loved one’s illness progresses, their needs for dementia care may change. At AZ Senior Helpers, we understand this and offer flexible scheduling options to ensure your loved one receives the necessary assistance at all times. We have a team of memory care specialists available around the clock, including holidays and weekends, ready to provide compassionate support. If your scheduling needs evolve throughout the course of your loved one’s illness, our dementia care services can adapt accordingly.

Care Assessment

Getting Started dementia care with AZ Senior Helpers is a simple process. When you reach out, we will arrange a complimentary assessment in your loved one’s home. During this visit, we will discuss their care needs, including physical and emotional concerns, as well as scheduling preferences. Additionally, we will perform a safety and fall prevention assessment to ensure your loved one’s well-being.

For more detailed information and to begin dementia care services, contact our office in Arizona today. We are here to provide the support and care your loved one deserves.